Cumberland Infant School

Religious Education (R.E.)


R.E. is not a National Curriculum subject, but we have a statutory duty to teach the children about the different religions of the world.


At Cumberland Infant School we follow ‘The Living Difference’, Portsmouth’s Agreed syllabus for RE.

Through RE we aim to enable our children to acquire an understanding, appreciation and respect for the many different beliefs that people hold and the world around us.

Through following the Living Difference curriculum which is concept based for example, ‘Belonging’, we will help the children to gain an awareness of their own feelings and develop an understanding of the needs and feelings of others. They will also learn about the similarities and differences of different religions and to respect other people’s faiths and views.

We teach R.E. through our assemblies where we cover a range of religions and topics for example Christmas, Special People and Special Places, where we focus on Christianity and Sikhism.

Children make use of different resources to develop understanding, for example stories and artefacts which make R.E. meaningful to them.