Cumberland Infant School

P.E and Sport Grant 2016/2017


For the year 2016/17 the school received a grant of £8564 from the Government to develop P.E and Sport.

The school was very pleased to receive this extra funding as we believe sport plays a vital role in life, not just supporting a healthy lifestyle, but also in promoting the social skills of team work and collaboration. We feel sport encourages children to do their best (persevere), develop a desire to improve and where relevant win (achieve), but most of all as a means of enjoyment that will enhance their life. It may also give them an interest that will last a lifetime.


We used £4,300 of the funding to buy into the local secondary school’s (Priory) Silver Service Level Agreement. This gives us access to staff Professional Development, coaches who come into school to work with the children and Inter-School festivals and competitions.


PE Sports Grant Report 2015-2016

Total number of pupils on Role :


Total funding from September 2016 to August 2017 :


Objectives achieved:

·         All children to have access to a greater range of sporting/physical activities

·         Development of the range and provision of alternative sporting activities

·         Development of competitive sporting activities against other schools

·         Development of sporting festivals with other schools

·         To improve children’s fundamental skills and their ability to apply these skills across the P.E curriculum and provision



Record of Sports Grant spending:





To develop children’s understanding of how to keep fit.

Year R launched their ‘Lets Get Fit’ topic with the Kidzfit Coach teaching the children how to use hoops, ropes and running to keep fit, about eating the right amount of food, getting enough rest and the need to keep hydrated.

Y2 also took part in these activities as part of their Science curriculum.


£275 Kidzfit



Development of the range and provision of alternative sporting activities



All children to have access to a greater range of sporting/physical activities



All children have the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they had been taught when using the playground equipment at lunchtime, playtime, in P.E, Reward Time and their life outside of school.

One of the Year 2 children who had performed particularly well during the training session, was asked by the Kidzfit Coach to demonstrate a particular skill to the rest of the school during the follow-up assembly. The child had to catch quoits thrown by the Coach on his

arm. The other children were amazed by the number of quoits he could catch (as was the coach). This raised the child's self-esteem and had the other children trying to do better when they had the chance to use the quoits.


The Ye the knowledge they had learned about healthy eating during their 'Potato Robber' topic, where they had to design healthy potato fillings.

Improving communication with Parents and Carers about how to keep their family healthy, both physically and emotionally



Parents/carers will have a better understanding of healthy living.

The Anomaly Education

Digital service

Development of competitive sporting activities and festivals with/against other schools



Transport £220


Activities covered through the Priory Silver Service Level Agreement


Children to take part in more sporting festivals and competitive sporting events with and against other schools.

Every child in Year 2 who wanted to, took part in one or more of the following:

Racket skills festival:

In November 20 children from the year group took part in a Multi-skills Festival. They achieved the second and third most points in their respective groups and were awarded silver and bronze medals.

There are rackets available at Play and Lunchtimes for children to further develop and practice skills learned.


Gymnastics competition:

The children were taught by a Gymnastics coach for six weeks and afterwards, a team of ten children (five boys and five girls) was selected from across the year group. These children were then given an extra weeks training to prepare them for the Gymnastics competition. Our Gymnastics team won first place, winning individual medals and a trophy. One of the girls was selected to try out for Squad Gymnastics for the city and successfully gained a place in the team for her age. This child has additional learning needs and as we receive Pupil Premium Funding for them the school paid the squad training fees using the Sports Grant, so that they could take up this fantastic opportunity. The child was very rightly proud of their achievements, giving a huge boost to their general self-esteem and confidence.


Football competition:

Chelsea in the Community Coaching team, who run our Afterschool Football Club, helped us to select our strongest 20 footballers from across Year 1 and 2 to take part in an Interschool 6-a-side football competition. The teams were made up of mainly Year 2 boys, with two Year 2 girls and four Year 1 boys also being selected. One of the teams won their pool and came home with a trophy, continuing our success from last year’s competition. The other team came a very respectable second in their pool. After each game the teams were taught to shake hands with the opposition as a sign of sportsmanship for a good and fair game played.


Infant Agility Athletics competition :

We took a team of five girls and five boys to this competition, where they performed really well, coming a very close second and returning with silver medals. They achieved 174 points and the winning team 176 points!



Cluster non-competitive sports festivals

In April twenty five children from Year 2 and in June thirty children from Year R took part in an Agility Festivals – which includes activities based on running, jumping and throwing.

In July thirty children from Year1 took part in a mini Olympics Tournament.


These competitions and festivals are very well run and the children who took part in them really enjoyed the activities. Through our Learning Values the children know the importance of Collaborating and Persevering and these events gave the children the chance to apply this knowledge and their sporting skills to enable them to get success.

Development of the range and provision of alternative sporting activities.


£270 Cybercoach

All children to have access to a greater range of sporting/physical activities

Cybercoach is an on-line resource that covers a range of sports, including aerobics, yoga and Thai-Chi. These are used by teachers in their classrooms or as warm up and cool down activities before/after PE.

These type of activities help to improve the childrens’ balance and core stability, developing fine and gross motor skills .


To improve Teachers knowledge and skills in teaching P.E

Covered through the Priory Silver Service Level Agreement

To improve the quality of teaching and learning of ‘Real P.E and Gymnastics’.

Class Teachers watched a coach from the Priory Sports partnership team teach six lessons of Real P.E and Gymnastics to their class. The Teachers now have a better understanding and increased confidence in how to use the Real Gymnastic Scheme and how to teach Real P.E in a more exciting and interesting way, leading to better outcomes for the children.

Sports week held at the end of the summer term.

Covered by either Premier Sports Company at a cost of £280 or through the Priory Silver Service Level Agreement


All children to have access to a greater range of sporting/physical activities.


Development of the range and provision of alternative sporting activities.


All children in school had the opportunity to take part in the following sports:






Year R and Year 1 children also took part in Tri Golf and Tennis sessions.


Feedback from the children and parents has been very positive. The sessions provided were led by a specialist coach and were of a high quality. We had a one-day OFSTED inspection during the week and the Inspector commented on the engagement of the children and range of experiences on offer.

The week culminated in our End of Year Sports Afternoon. This was very successful and well attended by parents, with all children taking part in a number of activities in mixed age and ability teams.  


Development of

Year R outside physical provision

£285 balance bikes

To ensure that all children can access a range of physical activities.

The Year R children use the Balance Bikes during their Independent Learning time and children also have access to them at Afterschool Club. Children who cannot ride a bike or a tricycle are able to develop their balance ability by using the bikes and play alongside peers who are able to ride the other bikes.

Disadvantaged children to access and excel in sport that they otherwise may not be able to afford to do.





To provide disadvantaged children the opportunity to excel in sport. ( GT)

To help support and develop one child’s social and emotional wellbeing they were funded to attend Chelsea Afterschool Football Club. This has had a positive impact on the child and we have seen an improvement in their self-esteem and interaction with his peers who also play football with them.

As previously stated we have funded one child to attend Squad Gymnastics at The Portsmouth Gymnastics Centre.


Children to have the opportunity to experience a wider range of sports.



To develop the range of and provision of alternative sporting activities.

All children

 to have access to a greater range of  sporting activities.


As Specialist Coach came into school on afternoon a week for six weeks to teach Archery lessons – this followed up from our Sports Week last year, as the children had particularly enjoyed the taster session. By the end of the six week period all the Year 2 children were able to hit the target.

All children had the experience of an individual different type of sport.


Total spent: £8564




At Cumberland Infant school the staff‘s knowledge, skills and interest in P.E has been stimulated further by the possibilities presented by the PE and Sport Funding. This has had an impact on the children’s enthusiasm, engagement and desire to improve skills and involvement in this area in and outside of school which has been overwhelmingly commented on by the coaches and visitors who have worked with them this year. They certainly have had many more sporting opportunities and improved their fundamental skills. Continuing the funding is welcome, not least in terms of sustaining the changes made but also developing them even further.